custom essayUnemployment is one of the challenges Somalia is facing now. College students often graduate with few prospects for employment. Youth often face additional obstacles to employment.

Iftin Foundation, in partnership with partners, is working on FURSAD project, conducted Job Placement Scheme for Female Graduates.’ FURSAD – opportunity in Somali – seeks to help young Somali female graduates get job placements at local business companies and finally promoted to both male and female named FURSAD SOMALI JOB CENTER which employs youth both men and women.

We also want to facilitate a dialogue among the stakeholders i.e. companies, universities, other civil society members and youth graduates so that they can find a Somali solution to this challenge.


  • Bring the attention of the people on the challenges faced by Somali youth graduates.
  • Encourage the government, private sector, education sector, and NGOs to employ more youth graduates.
  • Mentor fresh graduates who secure jobs at local companies.
  • Address the personal, social, cultural, policy, and organizational issues that may affect youth employment.
  • Give Youth Graduates a platform where they can network, debate, and advocate for their education and career rights.
  • Encourage more women to seek education as a result of more women getting employed.

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